Serving your customer better, remotely

Taking good care of your customers in a new era (of less physical contact)

Your customers are currently going through a learning curve. Not because they want to, but rather because the world we live in rapidly changes.

Although “normal” day to day life will soon hopefully resume, the new “normal” will now be different. This is also the case when it comes to buying products or services.

Remember the days (almost a month ago) when people looked at a product online, only to physically visit a store nearby and purchase it right there, or sometimes the other way around?

Let’s take for example a bike and see how online and offline paths to purchase intertwined:


First, you search for bikes on a computer or mobile device


Second, you read about various models and features


Next, you test out your selected models in a store and ask the expert’s opinion

Online / Offline

Finally, you buy the right one or keep searching.

Well, nowadays and most probably in the foreseeable future, people will prefer to complete their journey to purchase in an online environment, avoiding physical contact and crowded spaces.

As a result, successful businesses will need to find a way to still be able to directly talk to their customers, even digitally. So how do you maintain that direct connection to your customers about your products or services and explain the various pros and cons?

One way you can reach your customers is using Zoom, WhatsApp, or other video call tools. However, often this doesn’t offer a seamless experience, creating friction with connectivity and swapping between different tools, resulting in frustration and loss of sales.

If you are thinking what is left to be done, no need to despair. There are better alternatives to consider, including integrating a video call or chat functionality directly into your website or application.

So now the customer experience includes:

  1. You customers see the product online, read product reviews etc.
  2. Interested customers can call you right from the app or website - it’s video call, but a seamless one!

Your customers can talk directly to your designated sales representatives, ask them questions and see the product via video stream. For example, you can demo the home coffee machine’s features and hopefully convert to a sale.

Video chat

The good news don’t stop here; enabling such tools for your own business, at any scale, doesn’t take time. You can now easily get your own video call or chat service installed into your application or website in a day or even a few hours. Several services can help you; two worth mentioning are - Vonage and RingCentral.

How? You can quickly set-up an account with either service. If you want to integrate their platform into your IT system, your developer(s) will need to build a code. And that’s it! You can now better serve your customers.

The main benefit of integrating a video chatting service under your brand name helps keep the customer experience smooth during the entire process, from A to Z. There is no friction by switching or installing tools.

If you need any advice on this topic – drop us a line and we can help you upgrade your business into the future, which is now.

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