Our Services

Product prototypes

Yes, we know… it’s hard to predict if your business model will succeed and whether the users will appreciate your product. Sometimes the best answer is to launch a Proof-of-Concept to test the core features and market propositions in the market.

Our prototypes team is ready to work together with you to identify the core features of your expected product and quickly bring you back a prototype (optionally) including a few (AB) tests.

We aim to be quick, result oriented and friendly both to start-ups and big organizations developing brand new products.

Custom Mobile Development

These days, time is short and deadlines are tight.  As a seasoned veteran of the app development scene, MobOn understands this, and can quickly turn around outstanding mobile apps with a high level of user experience – without compromising on quality.  Fast, high-quality, and on-time– that’s what MobOn does.

We’re comfortable getting involved at any project stage. Regardless of whether your groundbreaking app idea is still rattling around in your head, or you already have a blueprint in place, we can translate your concept into any of the major mobile platforms:  iOS, Android, WinPhone, Blackberry, and HTML5 web-apps.

What’s more, upon completing your project we’re happy to provide you with ongoing maintenance and support.

Back-end systems

We commit to ensure a one-stop experience for your new product or project we develop for you. Back-end is essential to manage any app, therefore our back-end team is ready to offer you a full stack back-end solution: architecture, design, software, quality assurance, and support. CMS, CRM, or custom server-side solution.

If you already have your back-end, we are flexible to work on different programming languages and platfoems including JAVA, .NET, PHP, Node.JS. If you give us a choice, we prefer Laravel framework on PHP or Spring on JAVA.

Not sure if we can work on the same framework or tools you use? Please give as a call and we will check it for you.

Device porting

Our crack device porting team can help scale your app into other platforms. Our team works closely with you to address UI or performance differences and solve fragmentation challenges (i.e. Android).

For example: you have an iPhone app. Early results are promising, and you’d like to explore different platforms and increase your user base. Time to call MobOn!

Dedicated team

Transfer your mobile development tasks, your timelines and your to-do list to us. Our dedicated team will work exclusively for you, solving your problems and completing your mobile development objectives — in fact, the transition is so seamless, you’ll think we’re working in the next office!

Give MobOn your marching orders and our team will ensure delivery of on-time, on-spec, on-budget results.

Moreover, we’re very flexible in our approach. For instance, we’re happy to bring our lead developers to your office for a few weeks of relationship-building.  The better we know each other, the better we can work together!